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Mad Cows R Us
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Date:2008-07-04 15:07
Subject:Looking ahead to next summer
Mood: determined

Okay, with plans in the works for WriterCon 2009 happening *crosses fingers and begins planning ritual sacrifices to con gods* I'm thinking a year ahead about saving money for travel and losing weight to justify getting a new outfit or two to flounce about in.

I haven't seen much action or posted at all in this community in this last year, but I'm sure y'all are still out there. So I'm putting my goal-tracker out there again 'cause I know public accountability and celebration always helps keep me on the path.

Hope everyone's well and having a happy, healthy summer!

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Date:2007-06-24 10:25
Subject:via morgandawn

Yeah I loved this. Deana who's working on self-confidence & health issues including a weight that I'm comfortable with :-)

5'1", 207 much to luv ;-)

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Date:2007-04-27 13:41
Subject:Update & daily challenge
Mood: ambitious

Hey all,

So I've had a set back. That setback's name is bagel. My morning bagel is slowly killing my soul (much like the guy with the lawnmower outside my window). Today it was a currant scone and a peppercorn bagel. Although my mocha was skinny & sugar free.

I've come to the realization that I'm no longer capable of cutting bread out of my diet completely. There was a time I could do that, but now it's become part of my routine, as has the occasional bowl of oatmeal. I've decided I'm okay with this. Of course my complacency hasn't made it easy to watch 25 lbs come creeping back on.

So the new plan is exercise. Lots of exercise. Today instead of doing cardio I just used the weight machines for about half an hour. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, but I can actually do 50-70 pounds on most of the machines pretty comfortably. On many of the lower body machines I can even get up to 100. Muscle has never been my problem, it's just getting rid of the stuff on top, hee.

But still, I'm making an effort and trying to get outside to play catch with my girls more often and walking instead of taking the cart out to the field. You know, baby steps.

Speaking of baby-steps, today's challenge is to make a list of 5-10 things that need to be done around your house that will require breaking a sweat to complete, and then committing to doing one a week until you've made it through your list. Here's mine:

1. Dust the tops of the bookshelves.
2. Fold all of the laundry, not just enough to sleep on my side of the bed.
3. Clear the courtyard of leaves and put the lawn furniture back out.
4. Clean the storage shed enough to put 3 boxes from my room outside.
5. Go through all of the boxes of mail and magazines and sort.
6. Wash my car.
7. Re-caulk bathtub.
8. Take down Christmas lights (haha).
9. Clean sliding glass doors (all three of them).
10. Re-plant potted plants.

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Date:2007-04-05 14:59
Subject:Shame on mommy
Mood: determined

I'm such a bad community mother. Here sits our poorly neglected herd. Well my dears, here I am again, pompoms waving.

I've had to spend some time re-evealuating my personal plan for getting fit. I've been sorely lacking in motivation and unfortunately it is really showing, especially around my tummy. I'm back up to 210 lbs (even after the 24 food poisoning/flu thing of doom).

So, here's what I've done. I signed up at the campus gym. It was only $66 for the entire term (which runs through June 22), plus I got my kids a swim pass so they can come with me on the weekends. I figure they'll be plenty busy with softball and baseball for the next 3 months, so they won't care if they can come everyday or not.

My plan is to go over at least one day a week during lunch and one night a week, plus once on the weekends with the kids. I'm hoping I'll be able to go over much more often, but as a minimum goal I think 3 times a week is a good start. I'm wearing my boot today because I pushed myself a bit too hard this week, but there's still lots I can do that doesn't require both feet. I am going to have to buy a new pair of tennis shoes this week though.

I'm also continuing to eat more fruit, drink less pop, and to make dinner more often than we go out. Just baby steps you know.

So today's challenge is this: Make one small goal for the next week that you can live up to. Even if that goal is just to go 24 hours without eating anything you'll feel guilty about, that's still a good goal.

*roots for you*

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Date:2007-03-12 07:56
Subject:Checking in
Mood: busy

After a very slow and disorganized start, I've managed to get going in the right direction. A big help, I think, was getting rid of the 25+ year old exercise bike hand-me-down that I had to fight to use, not so much because of exercise in general but because the dang thing was so uncomfortable to sit on that it hurt. In possession of a cheaply bought recumbent bike, I'm much more inclined to use it. Now if I could up the water-drinkage, that would help tremendously.

But here's where I am after a month:

Things are moving in the right direction!

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Date:2007-03-07 12:44
Subject:9 weeks, 13 pounds lost

How is everyone doing? I'm doing well -- I've lost 13 pounds in 9 weeks, mostly because I've been too busy to overeat -- but what's better is my overall quality of life.

Winter is usually a tough time for me. I live in Massachusetts; the lack of light and bitter cold affect me to the point that I've wondered whether I had Seasonal Affective Disorder. We painted the walls on the first floor of our house bright yellow, with crisp white trim, for this very reason -- the color cheers me up.

But since I started this healthier-eating and exercise plan, I'm sleeping better (and going to bed earlier), and my mind is clearer during the day.

The result? I had my most productive February in years! This week I feel revitalized, like I've come out of a long slump.

I know I still have a looooong way to go, but right now, I feel pretty good.

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Date:2007-02-21 08:49
Subject:Daily Challenge - 2/21/07
Mood: happy

So it took me a couple weeks to get myself re-motivated for the task ahead. I had to deal with some personal issues, identify some stressors, make a plan to get past them, and remind myself that I absolutely have the power to say 'I DON'T THINK SO' when offered sugary, starchy, high-carb, low-satisfaction foods.

I'm happy to report that I've lost 3 pounds this week and that my ankle is already thanking me.

I also bought some ridiculously expensive shoe inserts that have made a TON of difference in the way I walk and have relieved 99% of my pain.

Today's challenge is to identify 3 things that are hindering your weight-loss goals.

For me these things are:

1) Dwelling on past relationships, that is forgetting to live in the present. This was a very easy way for me to lose sight of my goals because my head wasn't in the game.

2) Living with an amount of pain that was a hinderance to activity instead of finding solutions to alleviate that pain.

3) Keeping foods in the house I should *not* be eating and taking the quick-easy meal instead of foods I need to eat to lose weight.

My solutions:

1) Thinking about the body I want and the activities I want to take part in, instead of the body I used to have and things I used to do. Carpe Diem is vital to my success.

2) Identifying the most painful parts of my body and giving them time to rest. I wore my walking cast for a few days to take all of the pressure off those bones and then started wearing these orthotics, the pain isn't gone, but it's no longer keeping me from walking more. I'll just need to keep up this pattern of recognizing when it needs a break.

3) My solution to this one was kind of funny: I talked my ex-husband into going shopping for me. Instead of giving myself the opportunity to shop and succumb to cravings I asked him to go buy me nothing but meat, cheese, eggs, green vegetables, and Atkin's shakes. And you know what? He did! Not an item that would be considered 'cheating' made it into the house. I've also started ordering everything without a bun. The fork is my friend. I can still go out to eat and enjoy time with my friends, I've just had to stop eating with my fingers, haha. Basically if it isn't raw or doesn't require a fork it's not going in my body.

I hope that my experiences this month will help some of you. I'm feeling very positive about my motivations right now. Another bi-product of this change is that I've been letting myself get hungry. I've been sticking to one pork chop or chicken breast for dinner, the goal for me is to let my stomach shrink so I don't eat so much. This has taken a bit of extra willpower, but I'm hoping it will pay off in the end. And by the end I mean my butt.


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Date:2007-02-19 07:38
Subject:Ups and Downs
Mood: sleepy

I managed to drop two pounds last week. I MAY have put it back on last night when I splurged most unwisely and ate something like five pieces of pizza.

It's a warning to me, and one I pass on gladly: When you have a craving, indulge it a little right away instead of putting it off until you can't stop when it's put in front of you! I've been wanting pizza for weeks now, but I thought I was "being good." So instead of stopping at two slices when I finally got it... well, you know.

Back to yoghurt for lunch today!

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Date:2007-02-15 08:35
Subject:Kicks today
Mood: guilty

So the obvious I have no partner reasons aside...I hate Valentine's Day.

I had grand intentions of avoiding sweets like the plague today.

My daughter bought me a box of chocolates. I mean there's only 4 in it luckily and she split one with me, so it's not like I ate the whole box...but then my boss' wife brought me cookies. Lots of cookies. Yummy home-made sugar sprinkled cookies. I shared them with my office, but I still ate 3 or 4 of them.

And then I bought a cookie with my lunch.

I have to just laugh at my absolute lack of control.

I'm going back on super extreme nothing but meat and green vegetable Atkin's next week. Time to bulk up on my vitamins again and pull the power rider into the house and see if I can even use it with my ankle being a beeyatch.

We'll see, but something has to change pronto! I'm going to have surgery in June, which is 3 months later than I'd planned, which means another 6-8 months of this pain, and let me tell you it's not getting any easier to haul this weight around.

Time for a new beginning.

This is also a great post to confess to any of today's moments of weakness, because believe you me, you'll get nothing but understanding from me, especially today.

*snuggles you silly*

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Date:2007-02-12 10:14
Subject:the dreaded into post
Mood: hopeful

Ok, so it took a month and a half after finding this comm to decide that I wanted to give it a shot. I'm much more the type to hide away and do things myself without telling anyone what I'm doing so that no one has any expectations and no one ends up being disappointed in me. But this weekend suddenly it felt right to actually go for this and make changes to my life, and after having been to WriterCon and meeting the wonderful people, I decided it might be okay to trust in this place.

More rambling and the beginning pointCollapse )

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Date:2007-02-09 17:47
Subject:Is it cheaper to be thin?

Yes, thinner folks eat less calories (ie less food and less money spent), have less health problems, And regular clothes are cheaper than plus-size. There is also wear and tear on not just you but your clothes, your shoes, hell your bed, your lover, your furniture. You may have to pay extra for plane tickets if you don't fit in their skinny ass seats. You spend more on gas.

"In fact the overall long-term economic costs of obesity are many. The $10,000 of extra medical care that the overweight require over their lifetimes certainly makes a doctor's wallet fatter, but it could bankrupt the health insurance industry. Also, research shows that while more women have entered the workforce, their wages, particularly for white women, sink if they are overweight."

"An authoritative study, published in Health Affairs,shows that “annual medical costs for an obese person are about 37.7%more, or $732 higher, than the costs for someone of normal weight.”
That’s a lot of dough!
An obese recipient of Medicare (a program for the elderly) costs $1,486 more a year than one of healthy weight.
An obese patient on Medicaid (a program for the needy) costs $864 more than a normal weight Medicaid recipient."

Now losing the weight can be expensive but being fat can be quite costly.

Here are some links and sources.




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Date:2007-02-02 09:43
Mood: exhausted

Sorry about the silence. I lost my grip with the exercising the last two weeks--I've been sick, and the weather has not been kind to me--sinus headaches and wheezing can derail me right away.

However. I've not gained any weight (I only weigh about once a month), and I have lost an inch on bust, waist, hips. I suppose I should measure the rest of me, as well.

In spite of feeling like napping most of the time, I have continued with the passive things--parking a great distance from the store, walking to the boyfriend's, and doing at least part of the yoga routine.

I've managed better portions and proportions (protein to starch to vegetables) for my meals, except for the week I lived on crackers.

Given the month I've had, I call it good.

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Date:2007-02-02 08:06
Subject:First month: 9 pounds lost

It's mighty quiet around here... how is everyone doing? Made any progress?

As for me -- so far, so good! I've lost nine pounds in my first month of eating healthy and exercising. I only worked out once last week, but have been eating fairly healthy.

I will probably take a step backward in the next week because I'm hosting a semi-annual hen party tomorrow. Several of my female friends are coming over to watch the recorded coverage of the US National Figure Skating Championships, and there will be much drinking of wine and foo-foo cocktails and eating of Things That Are Bad For Us (mostly chocolate) while we cheer and mock the skaters.

But I don't care. I only do this a few times a year, and dammit, I'm going to enjoy it!

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Date:2007-01-30 17:44

I get back to bellydancing. I'm excited but nervous. It's been over a year since a dance class and I've put on 20 pounds since the last one. I love dancing. It shouldn't take much to get back into it!

I'm also going to leave a little early and get in some warm-ups before class. Wish me luck.


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Date:2007-01-30 10:08
Subject:My update
Mood: busy

I continue to struggle with bread.

It's just so damned convenient to run next door and grab a bagel or muffin with my sugar-free caramel mocha each morning.

I have been doing my nightly exercises and walking a lot more (although OMG shiny NEW car) but I really have been trying to get more physical, it's just not enough to counter the bread.

I'm buying a bike tomorrow. I'm going to our campus sale to see if I can get something decent for $20 (which isn't usually a problem). My goal is to try to ride my bike to work one day a week. Once the weather gets above freezing I may try to ride it twice a week and every other Friday. I have to drive my daughter to French class two mornings a week, so I just can't fathom riding all the way across town and then to work (not to mention that I'd be LATE everyday and not just a few minutes tardy). So this is my goal. Again, it's a baby step, but one I'm trying to make.

I'm also contemplating buying a stationary bike and/or eliptical machine (from Craig's list) once I get my taxes back. I have no idea where I'd put them since my apartment is so small, but I'd really like to be able to just hop on while I'm watching TV instead of just sitting on the couch twiddling my thumbs. It would of course be extra nice if it came with a reading rack so I could do my homework while exercising too.

I know that my mid-term stress isn't helping my weight any either. Can't wait for this term to be over. (7 weeks to go, lol)

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Date:2007-01-30 09:53
Subject:Daily Challenge 1/30/07

So I've been trying something new...100 sit-ups before bed each night. Now sometimes these are 100 crunches. Othertimes I lay in bed and raise my knees and arms up at the same time (start in a T position, raise your arms above to clap or touch palms while raising your knees up to your chest, or as close as you can get). I also sometimes start sitting up and lean back just untill the small of my back hits the mattress and then raise yourself back up (I usually just put my hands on my legs and slide them from my ankles until my fingertips are on my knees, and then back down).

Sometimes I have the energy to do 100 side bends or leg lifts, or I put a water bottle or small pillow in each hand and just do arm raises.

The point is, I do most of this in bed. I am one of those people who has a really hard time falling to sleep, so using that end-of-the-day energy to give a final little flurish is working well for me. I'm actually sleeping a lot better.

My stomach muscles and have also been aching like crazy, but after doing this for nearly a week, they are starting to get used to it.

So today's challenge is to modify this plan to work for you. You may only be able to do 10 leg lifts...but maybe by week's end you'll be doing 20. You might not be able to do a full sit up without hurting your back, but you can probably raise your shoulders off the mattress. Maybe you could keep some hand weights (or a 16oz can of veggies works well) by your night stand to work your arms while sitting.

There are so many little stretches and moves that can be done in that 5-10 minutes before we zonk out, and with enough repetition it can really help tone our muscles and make us feel better all over.

I welcome your ideas & moves! How are you all doing?

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Date:2007-01-23 15:01
Subject:I was reading

of course, an article on Yahoo! about foods masquerading as low-cal, and it included a link to this page.  I haven't looked around much, and it is really Really REALLY pink, but some of the recipes looked interesting.

but it is VERY pink.

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Date:2007-01-23 07:49
Subject:Three weeks in

How is everyone?

Three weeks in, and I'm doing OK (7.5 pounds lost, in spite of only working out twice a week instead of three times -- I hurt my back hauling laundry up my narrow, twisty stairs, and have been working overtime).

I've been pretty good about eating. My only indulgences since my last post have been two drinks once a week when H and I go out on Wednesday nights, and a daily piece of sugar-free chocolate (itsabigrock, you were so right about the Hershey's dark! What a lovely surprise!).

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Date:2007-01-22 09:28
Subject:Daily Challenge - 1/22/07
Mood: awake

Today's challenge is to make yourself a sign.

Whether your motivation is motivational (You CAN do it!) or silly (Put DOWN the Donut!) or obvious (Seriously, You're going to eat THAT?), sometimes a visual reminder can be a helpful tool in your fight to get healthy.

You might even make yourself a weight chart to track your progress or a distance chart to show how long you can walk (or jog) without needing a break.

Maybe you just need a picture of yourself at your heaviest to serve as a reminder.

Whatever it takes to keep yourself on track, today's a good day to start.

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Date:2007-01-21 23:08
Subject:Can cows oink?
Mood: disappointed

So I'm feeling fat today. Not unhealthy, just fat. This makes me cranky.

I've been taking my water pills but the bloaty swelly feeling hasn't really gone away.

I've not been eating nearly as well as I had hoped to (let's not talk about dinner and drinks with my friend tonight) and other than jogging a few blocks the other day, the only exercise I've been getting is walking. I mean, I do a lot of walking at work, across campus a few times a week, plus the walking I do for class, but it's just not enough.

I'm not going to be able to work out at the gym on campus for at least a few more weeks (until I get my taxes back), so I'm going to WD-40 my power rider and bring it back in the house tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to find a stationary bike or stairmaster on freecycle or Craig's list at some point in the next month or so. I just need to have more access to exercise at home. I'm also hoping to buy a bike at the OSUsed sale on Wednesday, so I can try riding to work once or twice a week (it's only about 3 miles if that).

So these are my goals, I'm trying to recommit myself partly because my last cortizone shot has started to wear off and my ankle is really starting to bother me again. I've put 15 pounds back on since Writercon and I'm not at all happy about it. I guess the only good thing is that my hair looks great and my face is finally starting to clear up a bit.

I will also try to be better about putting up challenges as I know they help me remain focused.

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